A Wellness Onsen Experience

There are many pleasures in life, but not many compare to the experience of a Japanese Onsen. Yumoto Wellness.Onsen expertly blends the ancient Japanese Onsen bathing culture to create a spa experience of pure pleasure and relaxation – one you will not easily forget.

Imagine taking a long, soothing bath in our public onsen, containing special minerals that detoxify, heal, and rejuvenate your body.

What a great way to start or end your day!

Yumoto Wellness.Onsen features a variety of facilities, including a hot stone sauna, and a whole menu of spa treatments designed to enhance your health and vitality.

As a peaceful getaway from the bustle and stress of daily living, especially in big cities, Yumoto Wellness.Onsen comes highly recommended. The reason for this is simple: All work and no spa treatment wears down your body and mind. Our unique onsen and spa services are a great way to stay healthy and improve the quality of your life.

So whenever you think of getting your mind and body refreshed and revitalized, think Yumoto Wellness.Onsen. We offer you nothing but the most blissful onsen experience money can buy in Bangkok.

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Onsen Spa Benefits

An onsen spa offers much more benefits beyond what you get from a regular spa. This is because onsen water, which is water obtained from volcanic hot springs in Japan especially, has a lot of beneficial properties.

The Japanese believe onsen has healing powers, depending on its mineral properties and content. To get an idea of just how highly onsen is regarded in Japan, here is a snippet from the 1,300 years old Izumo no Kuni Fudoki (Chronicle of the Land of Izumo) about Tamatsukuri Onsen, a popular onsen in Japan: “…bathing just once in this hot spring will clear your skin, and continued bathing will cure all of your aches and pains.

Now, what actually happens the first time you take a hot spring bath is that various minerals and other elements present in the water penetrate your body, leading to increased hormone secretion. The sympathetic nerve becomes predominant; blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels increase. To correct this condition, the parasympathetic nerve moves to regain dominance, and blood pressure, heart rate, as well as blood sugar levels, decrease. This cycle repeats until a stable condition is reached, and your body is able to repair itself.

It is a well known fact in medical circles that ageing and diseases are to a large extent caused by free radicals which oxidize (or corrode) the cells in the body. The most common sources of free radicals include prolonged stress, food additives, cigarettes, and even pharmaceuticals. The harmful effects of free radicals can be countered by antioxidants however, and onsen water is regarded as a potent antioxidant.

So when you take an onsen bath it neutralizes the effects of free radicals in your body; in other words, it reactivates the corroded cells, and functions to prevent further oxidation and breakdown. Thus, rejuvenation occurs, diseases are cured, and ageing is delayed. Due to this restorative power they possess, hot springs have also been called “the waters of youth” from ancient times in both Japan and Europe.

All in all, it is believed that onsen provides relief from muscle/joint pain, fatigue, physical and psychological stress, etc. It also improve, increases metabolism, calms the nerves, slows down the ageing process, and even cures diabetes, arthritis, neuralgia, gout, and skin diseases.

Try Yumoto Onsen Spa today for an authentic onsen experience with full benefits.