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At Yumoto Hair & Nail Spa, we redefine beauty and relaxation in the vibrant heart of Bangkok’s Phrom Phong area.

Our exclusive hair spa, manicure, and foot care services are curated by our exceptional team of stylists, inviting you to transcend the ordinary and embrace a world where beauty and relaxation intertwine seamlessly.

Yumoto Nail Spa


Starting with the initial step, soaking your feet in the Tea Tree Foot Onsen soak infused with mineral water powder can help replenish essential minerals and vitamins for your skin. It aids in relieving muscle fatigue, reducing physical and mental stress, thanks to the properties of the Tea Tree blend. This soak also contains minerals from onsen, promoting vitamin infusion, skin hydration, and fatigue relief.

The Scrub process is crucial for exfoliating worn-out skin cells, eliminating impurities, and removing accumulated dead skin cells for a clearer complexion. Using the Sea Salt Scrub, enriched with beneficial minerals from sea salt, helps shed deteriorating skin cells and combat bacteria, detoxifying your body.

Skin steaming allows deeper penetration of extracts and vitamins into the skin compared to cream application. It tightens and moisturizes the skin, enhancing skin health. The Dead Sea Mud with Caramel body mask, containing Dead Sea clay, Vitamin E, and caramel, leaves the skin soft, moisturized, and well-nourished. Its organic components make it suitable for all skin types, addressing dehydration and neglect. Various vitamins work to restore balance and provide a protective shield, strengthening the skin.

Addressing foot care involves scrubbing off calluses, trimming excess skin, and grooming nails. Followed by a relaxing foot massage to alleviate fatigue and muscle soreness, it promotes better blood circulation, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. The final step involves skin nourishment, locking in moisture with a gentle lotion from our store, completing a high-quality foot care routine.



Blow Dry


Blow Dry with Special Shampoo




Hair cut plus wash


Hair Color : Short


Hair Color : Medium


Hair Color : Long


Hair Color : Extra Long


Straightening : Short


Straightening : Medium


Straightening : Long


Straightening : Extra Long


Cold Perm : Half


Cold Perm : Short


Cold Perm : Medium


Cold Perm : Long


Digital Perm : Short


Digital Perm : Medium


Digital Perm : Long


Bleaching : Short


Bleaching : Medium


Bleaching : Long

*second round 1200฿ discount.

Highlight / Babylight




Organic Spa Shampoo

1990฿ – 75 minutes

Hair washing service with volcanic onsen mineral water. This treatment will emphasize on relaxation with massage services to help increase blood circulation around the head.

Includes hair washing and styling services

Volcanic Stone and Gua Sha

2600฿ – 1h45

Hot stone spa combined with Gua Sha therapy are an ancient science that has been around for thousands of years.

Helps reduce headaches, fatigue, and stress. Stimulates cells by increasing oxygen. You will feel both physically and mentally reinvigorated after this treatment.

Includes hair wash and styling services.

Hot Premium Coconut Oil


Head massage with warm organic coconut oil will help to increase blood circulation in the head, neck, and shoulders, increasing the level of oxygen and various nutrients all the way from the hair roots to tip. It also helps relieve tension and create relaxation for the body.

Includes hair washing and styling services

Milbon 4 Step Hair Treatment

2800฿ – 90 minutes

Repair and reconstruct. Powered by our innovative Dual-Repair Technology, this professional 4-step deep conditioning treatment is designed especially to strengthen and rebuild severely damaged, over-processed hair. Results last up to 5 weeks.

No.1: DIPA preps the hair, ensuring the absorption of Steps 2-4

No.2: Hydrolyzed keratins repair hair from the inside out

No.3: Reconstructive complex targets extremely damaged areas of the hair

No.4 Cellulose seals the cuticle and locks in the treatment

Includes hair wash and styling services.

Heart Of Glass Hair Cosmetic

2800฿ – 90 minutes

Blondes, it’s time to meet our new powerhouse assortment: Heart of Glass. With this simple five-part regimen, maintaining the health and beauty of your blonde strands has never been easier.

Heart of Glass offers a complete hair routine with five products: shampoo, conditioner, treatment and an illuminating thermal-protective fluid.

All of the products in this line are designed to highlight the beauty of blonde hair.

This vibrant hue comes from the natural extract of Jagua fruit which is sustainably grown in Colombia to help maintain biodiversity. The blue from the Jagua extract guarantees a delicate chromatic balancing of the shades and is perfect for all types of blonde hair — this will help cool tone blondes steer away from warm hues, and prevent the warm-toned blondes from becoming even warmer. If you’re noticing dullness after things like sun, chlorine or saltwater exposure, this will help to revive the natural shine, glossiness and vitality of your hair.

And as a bonus: it can be used with every single wash, as there is no risk of chromatic overload.

Includes hair wash and styling services.


Brazilian Blowout

S – 4000฿

M – 5000฿

L – 6000฿

XL – 7000฿

XXL – 8000฿


Certified Genuine Brazilian Blowout

Asked for by name and loved by stylists, celebrities and influencers worldwide, Brazilian Blowout transforms frizzy, damaged and unmanageable hair into smooth, healthy, easy-to-style strands for up to 12 weeks.


FINISHED IN THE SALON – In as little as 80 minutes, you get smooth frizz-free hair for up to 12 weeks.

NO WAIT PERIOD – The minute you leave the salon you can immediately wash your hair, exercise, put it in a ponytail or clip.

GREAT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – Wavy, straight, curly or coily? When it comes to removing frizz- we’ve got you covered!

CUSTOMIZABLE – Keep and define your curls OR go for a sleek and smooth look.

CUTS BLOW DRY TIME IN HALF – Spend more time doing what you love and less time styling your hair.

NO HAIR GROWTH DEMARCATION – Great for transitioning from Japanese straighteners, relaxers or keratin treatments

COLOR + SMOOTH THE SAME DAY – Perform any color service prior to the treatment to help lock in and prolong color life.

BLENDS EXTENSIONS – Helps blend natural hair with remy hair extensions for a seamless look.

Davines Detox Treatment

3000฿ – 90 minutes

The ritual begins with the most essential step in any hair detox: cleansing. A gentle exfoliating cleanser like the Naturaltech Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo is the trick to dissolving buildup and restoring the scalp to a state of atonic, pH-regulated health. The scrub works best with a scoop of Naturaltech Elevating Clay Supercleanser added for extra oil absorption. Your hairstylist will mixture to damp hair, combing from root to tip to coat each strand, then gently massage the exfoliating cleanser into your scalp before rinsing.

The Naturaltech Renewing Conditioning Treatment is massaged into the scalp and freshly washed, towel-dried hair, then left to soak up the conditioner’s superfood complex for a few minutes before rinsing.

A vitality massage with a leave-in treatment keeps the hair and scalp hydrated and healthy enough to stave off pollutants after you leave the salon. The Naturaltech Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatment works best for this. Applied to towel-dried hair, the treatment not only strengthens strands but soothes the scalp with anti-inflammatory ingredients. So, bid goodbye to itching and redness.

Olaplex Standalone

3000฿ – 90 minutes

OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment have revolutionized salon treatments forever. With OLAPLEX’s patented formula to rebuild the hair’s internal structure, and now, to moisturize it.

The Stand-Alone Treatment is the most intensive bond-building repair available, using the OLAPLEX concentrate, reserved only for salon professionals. You may have heard a lot about Nº.1 and Nº.2 with color, but when the two come together as a Stand-Alone treatment, they have no chemicals working against them. That means salon strength repair and healthier hair after each treatment.

Includes hair washing and styling services.

Olaplex Shot



Yumoto Nail Spa






Dior Nail Spa


Dior Manicure


Dior Pedicure


Gel / Acrylic Fill in


Gel / Acrylic Extension


Hand & Feet Gel Color


Hand Gel Color


Feet Gel Color


Gel French


Gel Paint


Nail Express (Cut & Trim)


Heel Dead Skin Removal


Gel Removal


Acrylic Removal